Walking therapy is a wonderful alternative for the person wrestling with almost any issue from anxiety & depression to ADHD or even emotional intimacy.    

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Walking Therapy!

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According to the Mayo Clinic, walking regularly in a brisk manner can help;

- Maintain a healthy weight

- Prevent or manage heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

- Strengthen bones and muscles

- Improve mood

- Help with balance and coordination.

A 45 minute walk may increase endorphins (the feel good hormone).  It activates all 5 sense and helps with Anxiety and Depression.    More oxygen means more stimulation in the brain.  Walking helps regulate breathing.  Deep breathing helps with many conditions including but not limited to better focus and reduced stress and anxiety.  

The visual stimulation of a change in scenery allows the brain to adjust to new stimuli and can help with cognition and memory.  

For those in CDM, being near the water, helps get positive Ions from the beach air into your lungs.

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