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Victims of Crime therapy in Newport Beach, CA 

Your Future Awaits!

Anyone who has a police report documenting a crime may be eligible for Free counseling through VOC.  They can help pay for funeral expenses, medical bills, counseling and income or support loss. 
The A Treatment Center in Pasadena has worked with numerous victims including those viciously attacked at the Las Vegas Mandalay Bay shooting. 

Victims of Crime therapy in Pasadena, CA

Text "LA" to 741741 to start a conversation with a crisis counselor.

Free Counseling to Survivors who have been a Victim of a Crime!

As you know Eric Church played Friday night.  Here is a song he just wrote reacting to the tragedy.  Survivors may relate:

Anyone at the Las Vegas 2017 mass shooting is eligible for assistance. VOC can help pay for funeral expenses, medical bills, counseling and income or support loss.