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  • Arolyn is a great coach and therapist. She has helped me through numerous situations in my life and I'm so glad I found her. She has exceeded my expectations and always goes above and beyond to help her clients. She is great at her profession and it's obvious she loves her job and loves helping people. I would highly recommend to my friends and families.

    Lonnie L.

  • I had the pleasure of attending the A Treatment Center's grand opening in Corona Del Mar and meeting Arolyn Burns.

    I was immediately struck by the qualities I saw in Arolyn Burns in my conversation with her and meeting her and how she conducted herself with all the people that attended her grand opening that evening.

    Not only am I impressed with her success, but she's and inspiration to me because of these qualities that she possesses. Compassion, understanding, empathy, honesty, competence, commitment, humanity, and courage to say the least!

    I have the utmost respect for Arolyn and if I am ever in any need of her services I would call her immediately, and I would also highly recommend her to my friends and family.
    Thank you Arolyn for your big heart and the care that you give to others.

    Janet W.

  • Arolyn is a wonderful therapist !! She has helped so many people get theirife back . She is compassionate and knowledgable , and makes you feel comfortable at the same time ! I highly recommend her!

    Maison A.

  • The A Treatment cares about each individual that walks through the door and provides compassion, empathy, and care to those seeking treatment. I highly encourage others to call and make an appointment!

    Julia M.

  • There is hope! My experience at The A Treatment has been more than satisfactory. I would highly recommend anybody seeking out therapy to give them a try ( I thought I'd mention they give you a free 15 minute consultation over the phone) and see for yourself. Arolyn Burns took me under her wing and helped me overcome my depression, anxiety, self-esteem, and stuttering problems. I can now say I free from those burdens and am now able to move forward in my life, without looking back. Absolutely life changing! Arolyn is very easy to talk to, polite, attentive, understanding, unbiased, and just an all around wonderful person to be around. She has this energy that makes you feel great about yourself when you enter and leave The A Treatment. I have her and The A Treatment to thank for all the help I needed. I am a changed person thanks to them.

    Bobby M.

  • I suffered from insomnia for years. In fact, I spent 12 months living on less than 6 hours of sleep a week. I tried everything from prescription meds to alcohol to prescription meds and alcohol, self-help seminars...everything. I received some relief, but I never felt like I had mastery and nothing was long-lasting. I was always in fear that it might "come back..." which it did from time-to-time. It was also affecting my health and my confidence.

    I had several sessions at the A- Treatment even though I was semi-skeptical about the process (especially because, being religious myself, many of my religious friends treat hypnotherapy as not being a "godly" answer). I saw some limited results during my treatments, but it wasn't until the "final" treatment, a month in, that I realized that I had no fear. That I was sleeping. That I felt confident again. Happy. I couldn't explain it...except for my treatments. We recorded my last session and I listened it for several months after my last treatment to good effect. It's been several years since then. Last month I found myself in Moscow, Russia: badly jet lagged, in the middle of difficult circumstances, and not able to sleep due to anxiety. I happened to have that last session in my iPhone. I listened to it...and woke up the next morning feeling great. Problem solved. No problems since. Try to get that kind of result from somewhere else.

    What's really great about the A- Treatment comes from the fact that there's nothing you have to "do." No guilt. No "failure" if you can't accomplish a result. Only moving forward. Putting your best foot forward-in the most important place: your mind. I was a bit skeptical, but Arolyn puts you at ease and makes it all easy. Mark E

    Mark E.