The A Treatment Center 

Offices in Pasadena, CA & Newport Beach / Corona Del Mar, CA

Biography: Rio is a Yorkshire Terrier registered with the National Alliance of Therapy Dogs  where he volunteers at Schools, Hospitals and other public agencies.  He also loves his profession as a therapy dog in private practice. He is a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) and attended a year of training at Hollywood Paws Acting School.  He loves to make people happy!

Rio assists humans in getting in touch with their emotions and adds additional health benefits with his presence.  It is a proven fact that petting a dog will lower your blood pressure and calm your heart rate. There are also studies that indicate petting a dog releases endorphins that can block pain. It is also a proven fact that Rio is a cuddle bug and loves being  petted.  Rio's therapeutic specialties include calming people who are angry, afraid, anxious or depressed.

Outside of the therapeutic environment, Rio can be found shopping,  doing tricks for treats, playing fetch with squeaky toys and taking his much loved naps. 

Birthday: February 13, 2006

Nicknames: Bubba, Bug

Favorite things: Chicken, Treats, Cuddles, being in fashion, posing for pictures, showing off his Acting Tricks

Dislikes: Being left home alone, Not being allowed people food

Trade Mark: Underbite so he is always smiling

Motto: “Will work for treats"

Rio – Registered Therapy Dog who works with 

Arolyn Burns LMFT, LPCC in CDM and on location