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    Rape Trauma:

    Violated. Hurt. Tormented. Confused. Broken. Depressed. Lost. Victim.

    These words and more are often the ways victims after a rape feel.

    No longer can the world, or themselves, be trusted. Your body starts reacting in unfamiliar ways, and nothing makes sense any more. Any time a person takes advantage of another person, it can leave a person feeling like no one in the world understands how broken they feel.

    Tasks that once came easily, are now the most challenging obstacle to overcome.

    Traumatic experiences not only change how you feel, but how your brain functions and operates. Our experienced therapists come along side you, validate your experiences, emotions, and pain. We help make sense of what is happening and how to take steps toward reclaiming your mind, your life, and your world.

    Traumatic experiences will forever have a mark on your life, but with time, they do not have to define your life. You Can become Empowered and a Strong Survivor! We can help. Call for a FREE 15 minute phone consultation. 626-304-4690