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  • The decision to have a child is an exciting and yet sometimes scary experience. There is so much unknown and no real manual for raising the best little minds. Growing a family can also be an emotionally vulnerable time for a family filled with countless changes and uncertainties. Research shows that the healthy development of a child is directly impacted by their parents' mental well-being. LaLisa Morgan is here to help you and your partner keep grounded in recognizing the joy of parenting while providing support to parents and families during the struggles with infertility & preconception period, throughout pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.   
    Some changes that can emerge during this time include:
    • Adjusting to a New Role and Identity as Parents
    • Marital and Relationship Changes
    • Adjusting to the addition of siblings
    • Prenatal and Postpartum Mood Changes: Depression, Anxiety, OCD, Psychosis
    • Family Planning
    • Infertility 
    • Miscarriage and Loss
    • Mood Changes: Depression, Anxiety due to infertility, Miscarriage and Loss
    • Breastfeeding Difficulties
    • Stay-at-Home Parenting Challenges
    • Support for Dads and partners who are adjusting to "new" roles, boundaries, and how to support "mom."
    • Returning to Work  Challenges, plan development, time management, overcoming fear of leaving the little one, and support for managing the transition.
  • Praise to Dads and Partners:
    The perinatal period can be hard for you too, dad/partner, as you adjust to having more responsibility on your plate, trying to figure out how to help your significant other and also be a responsive dad/partner.  All this can add an element of stress and worry during an already major adjustment to life.  Other challenges may include changes in intimacy and sexual well-being during this period.
    Postpartum mood changes can also occur in partners. Yes, you read that right! A partner is more likely to also experience postpartum depression if their partner is dealing with it as well.
    Please do not hesitate to get support for yourself.  We see dads and partners individually and for couples support during the perinatal period and beyond!!