The A Treatment Center 

Offices in Pasadena, CA & Newport Beach / Corona Del Mar, CA

All Hypnotherapy is conducted by Certified Hypnotherapist, Arolyn Burns LPCC, LMFT

Located in Pasadena CA, Arolyn has helped an abundance of clients pass their tests, nail the audition, win medals/awards, go pro, book the gig and perform their best.  She is passionate about helping You be the Best you can be!  

Performance Anxiety comes in many forms; Test taking, Stage Fright, Panic, Freezing, Etc.

Hypnotherapy is a Powerful tool!  

Arolyn Burns has treated Numerous clients for anxiety surrounding standardized tests like the BAR, CPA exam, State Boards, SAT's, even the Driving Test.  She has worked with Athletes, Performers and Musicians from the Stage, Film and Television.

Executives and others who wrestle with public speaking have seen dramatic improvement in 5 sessions or less.  Get rid of your performance anxiety today! 

Do you Freeze?  Does your brain shut down?