The A Treatment Center 

Offices in Pasadena, CA & Newport Beach / Corona Del Mar, CA


Testimonial as how well Hypnotherapy helps;

I suffered from insomnia for years. In fact, I spent 12 months living on less than 6 hours of sleep a week. I tried everything from prescription meds to alcohol to prescription meds and alcohol, self-help seminars...everything. I received some relief, but I never felt like I had mastery and nothing was long-lasting. I was always in fear that it might "come back..." which it did from time-to-time. It was also affecting my health and my confidence.

I had several sessions at the A- Treatment even though I was semi-skeptical about the process (especially because, being religious myself, many of my religious friends treat hypnotherapy as not being a "godly" answer). I saw some limited results during my treatments, but it wasn't until the "final" treatment, a month in, that I realized that I had no fear. That I was sleeping. That I felt confident again. Happy. I couldn't explain it...except for my treatments.  We recorded my last session and I listened it for several months after my last treatment to good effect. It's been several years since then. Last month I found myself in Moscow, Russia: badly jet lagged, in the middle of difficult circumstances, and not able to sleep due to anxiety. I happened to have that last session in my iPhone. I listened to it...and woke up the next morning feeling great. Problem solved. No problems since. Try to get that kind of result from somewhere else.

What's really great about the A- Treatment comes from the fact that there's nothing you have to "do." No guilt. No "failure" if you can't accomplish a result. Only moving forward. Putting your best foot forward-in the most important place: your mind. I was a bit skeptical, but Arolyn puts you at ease and makes it all easy. Mark E