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  • Hypnosis is a deeply-focused meditation where good things can take place.

    Hypnotherapy is a Powerful tool!

    The body is in a deeply relaxed state while the mind is activated with positive suggestions. It is a state of consciousness. The therapist directs the clients attention to visualize or imagine while using imagery and suggestions, this reducing peripheral awareness and enhancing the clients capacity to respond to suggestion.

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    Arolyn Burns LMFT,LPCC , Director

    Arolyn Burns is the Director of The A Treatment Center. She is a dually Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and LPCC Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who works with people experiencing stress and anxiety from issues ranging from personal relationships, at home, work and school to performance anxiety with athletes and entertainment professionals (auditions and performances). She incorporates Hypnotherapy, EMDR, as well as Movement Therapy into her practice.

  • Hypnotherapy is effective resolving issues related to:

    Phobias can range from the fear of driving or flying to snakes, bugs or anything in-between. Fear, Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Ruminating thoughts can be reduced often in less than 5 sessions.

  • Hypnotherapy for Aerophobia helps you travel with ease.

    Arolyn Burns has treated Numerous clients with Exam phobia. The fear experienced while taking standardized tests like the BAR, CPA exam, State Boards, SAT's, even the Driving Test.

  • If you know the information but blank out or freeze during tests. We have tools that help you get unstuck with Hypnotherapy! 

    Arolyn works with professional Athletes including Olympic medal winners, Professional Ball Players, Performers from the Stage, Film, and Television as well as Musicians who perform at the Disney Concert Hall.

    Many people fear the dentist, pain, numbness, gagging, sounds and smells. Arolyn can help with reducing the experience of Dentophobia.

    Executives and others who wrestle with public speaking have seen dramatic improvement in 5 sessions or less. Get rid of your performance anxiety today! ​​

    Chronic Pain both psychological and physical can be reduced.

    ​Insomnia has been replaced by restful nights.