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Have you ever noticed that even though you want to express positive feelings towards a loved one, sometimes, you react negatively.  Even though, you want to change, you respond to your loved ones in the exact way you wish you wouldn't?  

Family systems are complex.  We do what we don't want to do and at times, we treat our loved ones worse than strangers.  

Therapy can help break those habits.  

We all want to feel understood and have happy healthy relationships.  

Family Therapy

Family therapy allows each individual to have a safe place to express their views and experiences without feeling feeling they might be attacked or punished.  It helps teach tools that can help improve communication and problem solving tools. It helps to Identifying multigenerational behavioral patterns and can help restore healthy family communication and reduce anxiety. *

Parent Counseling
Parenting is challenging.  We get a manual when we buy a car, but kids don't come with instructions.  By working with our therapists, you will have a safe place to discuss your experiences, struggles and frustrations.  You will have the opportunity to learn tools to cope with the challenges that come with raising other humans who have their own way of thinking and being.

Youth & Teens
Individual counseling sessions with your child focus on their personal concerns.  Working together in a safe place allows your child to grow, gain confidence, self-awareness and accept themselves and others.  This allows them to learn skills so that they can contribute back to the family as a whole. 

Sibling Conflict
Birth order may influence how one relates to the world.   Oftentimes the order in which one is born can solicit specific roles within the family.  This is based on the varying expectations, parental concerns, discipline, and other factors.   Sibling conflict is often based on varying beliefs, experiences, roles and perceived expectations within a family.  Working with a therapist can help each individual within the family develop their strengths, gifts and passions.  As each individual feels heard and respected, they are able to thrive in their role in the family as well as outside the home.

Adult Child Living at Home?
If parent(s) are in the habit of focusing anxiety or worry onto the child, the child may react by experiencing worry or anxiety  themselves.  This may result in the child being dependent on the parent to "fix" their problems, creating dependency into adulthood.  It is important to break this pattern if the child is to become self sufficient later in life.  As children mature, its important for them to feel more independent.  Often it is hard for parents to let their children fail but as long as its not dangerous, this may be what the child needs to realize their strengths.  Family therapy helps to allow each individual to separate their thoughts and feelings from other family members allowing anxiety to be reduced as personal goals may be pursued.


*Family Therapy
At the beginning of treatment, the therapist may interview each member of the family in order to create a detailed family history so that they can see patterns in the way your family members interact, whats working and whats not.  As therapy progresses, the therapist may work with individuals and the family as a whole.  There may be times only one or two family members need to come in and other times where the therapist may even ask for input from extended family members.   

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