How it Works!

First we will have several sessions with you to assess your anxiety levels and offer you tools to help reduce your own anxiety.  *We offer Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and EMDR each of which can relieve the physical symptoms of panic and anxiety.  

If it takes longer than 5 sessions and you are still experiencing symptoms, will meet your CGC Dog and assess to determine if the animal is helpful at reducing your anxiety.  

IF the dog indicates appropriate responses to your anxiety and your symptoms are reduced, we will be happy to write a letter for airlines, hotels, apartments etc.  

Each letter or form is $100 to fill out

We will give you 2 originals and keep a copy in your file.  If you are brining us a form to sign - please bring 3 copies and we will sign them all (you keep 2 and we keep 1). Most places want to see an original signature.

Each letter is good for one year.  If you need another one, you and your ESA will need to be reassessed.  

An ESA is helpful but does not substitute for the benefits of therapy.  Any ESA certificate only lasts one year as the goal is for you to learn to develop your own tools to self sooth and reduce anxiety so that you can function well on your own.   - So don't stop therapy just because you got the letter.  We are here to help you heal!

Traveling with an ESA:



Documentation dated no longer than one-year (from your intended flight date) and issued by a licensed mental health professional.

The ESA letter/document itself must state;
Your mental or emotional disability as per the current Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
The ESA must be on the flight to help you through the flight itself or at your intended destination
Your ESA letter must be on the official letterhead of the mental health professional assisting you or in some cases (like AA) on their own form.
It must include your mental health professional’s license and where his/her license was issued and the date issued.

In addition, you will have to submit these requirements to the airline 48 hours before your flight. If you fail to comply, American Airlines reserves the right to ask you to kennel the animal.

Requirements in the Cabin
In order for you to fly with an ESA your animal must be able to:
Fit your lap, at your feet or under your seat

Controlled and well behaved (CGC behavior) at all times

If your ESA is too large, it must be checked in and be housed in a kennel
The animal cannot block the aisle
You will not be permitted to sit in an exit row.

Committing to an ESA is a big responsibility and we don't take it lightly.  We are here to help You learn skills to reduce your anxiety so that you don't need an ESA but we understand that at times they can be the difference between peace and panic. 

​If you are interested in an assessment, please note, we only work with clients and their  (Canine Good Citizen) CGC certified dogs.

Please do your research before attempting to take your ESA on a flight.  

Many Airlines require their own form to be filled out.  Please plan ahead as they need notice before you board your flight and the letter must be current and conform to Their requirements.  

American Air (AA) is one that we know is very militant about using their forms and that they be written specifically to their standards.  

Their form can be found here: 

We LOVE animals and know they can be a huge help in difficult times.  

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