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  • Chronic Pain can not only affect you physically but also emotionally. If you look healthy, friends and family may not understand your experience. Relationships may change in ways that surprise you. Having someone to process, talk it through, empathize and understand can be key in helping adjust and maintain healthy significant relationships.

    Persistent pain triggers the nervous system and can cause discomfort throughout the entire body.

    This chronic disruption can affect the back, joints, face, muscles, bones, neck, limbs and even cause headaches. Chronic Pain can be devastating. It completely changes ones life.

    Often the person is exhausted with fatigue as the body requires extra energy to combat the pain. Rest is required more often. Sadly in many cases the pain is so extreme it causes insomnia (Hypnosis can help).

    Psychologically this can cause anxiety, depression and fear.‚Äč

    Fortunately, working with a therapist can help reduce the psychological effects and help restore a sense of peace even if the physical issues are permanent.

  • Throbbing, Aching, Stabbing, Shooting, Burning or even Dull never go away pain can all be reduced with hypnosis. Some symptoms can even be alleviated if there is no medical reason for them.

    This can help restore comfort and joy in your life

    Arolyn has wrestled with Chronic pain and has helped many people restore the joy in their life, both by reducing symptoms and helping peoples perspective shift to focusing on the positive.

    Located in both Corona Del Mar CA and Pasadena CA. Please call for a Free 15 minute phone consultation and see if Hypnosis, Solution Focused or even EMDR therapy is right for you.