Arolyn helps you get rid of the "Yips", focus, get “unstuck” and calm the subconscious anxiety that manifests in involuntary muscle reactions.

Arolyn Burns LPCC, LMFT 

& Certified Hypnotherapist

Arolyn has worked with Olympic Athletes, Pro-Ball Players, Drafted Players and Young Champions as well as Students who just want to get better at their sport.

She knows what you're up against.  She was a professional dancer whose team, City Slickers, had the honor of competing in Nashville at the Worlds Line Dance Competition.  Even at a young age she was competitive.  Her Drill Team won the National Championship High School Drill Team Competition.  

Who can benefit and how?

Current Athletes: 
Improve Performance
"Get out of your head"

Injured/Sidelined Athletes: 
Reduce Pain, 
Recover More Quickly, 
Reframe Unhealthy Thoughts
Heal any Historic Trauma 

Twilight and Retired Athletes: 
Help transition from athlete to "normal" life.  
Reduce Pain.
Address the pain that comes with retirement such as;  grief, depression, loss of identity, loss of purpose and commodity.
Grow emotionally and process past issues that may have been pushed down, ignored or neglected through sports and may need addressing now that you're in a new stage in life.

Therapy for Athletes

What type of therapy?

Through a combination of therapies including, Solution Focused, Behavioral Therapy and Hypnotherapy we can address the underlying issues, take more control of the subconscious and either eliminate or build skills to cope with those disruptive jitters, impulses, thoughts and feelings.

The A Treatment Center 

Offices in Pasadena, CA & Newport Beach / Corona Del Mar, CA

Ever have the "Yips"?  A weird twitch or spasm right when it counts the most?  Over thinking it? Getting stuck?