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  • Many adolescents and young adults feel anxiety,  depression, insecurity & are often paralyzed by the high expectations set for them by their communities, media and their own goals.  The pressures of the ideal life presented in social media and on TV can be overwhelming. The prospects of education, career, or significant relationships can be intimidating.  Sometimes it’s hard to care at all. From the outside it might look like laziness, but inside it feels like fear, confusion or sadness. 
     “Why can’t I choose a career?” 
    “Why do I always date the wrong people?” 
    “Why can’t my parents understand that it is different for me?”
    Questions like these might feel unanswerable. It may feel easier to ignore these questions all together, especially if there are lingering feelings of shame about not having them already answered. This can be especially true for young people who have experienced trauma, depression, anxiety, or have challenges they are scared to tell anyone about.  
    Arolyn has worked with teens from a High School setting to a Childrens Social Worker and now as a Therapist.  She connects and relates with them authentically and earns their trust. She is empathic & understanding and has a  unique background of 40 years of working with youth.  High School stinks for most.  Even if you’re well liked! Navigating the hormonal changes, the social constructs along with personal and parental goals can be daunting. 
    Arolyn cares about young people and is effective in helping first time, or initially reluctant, participants overcome paralyzing anxieties, insecurities, and heartbreaks.  Challenges clients once believed would be a part of their lives forever can be overcome and put in the past with healing and restoration.  Arolyn is passionate about helping young people find a sense of strength, freedom and confidence in themselves.