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  • Have you ever been so stressed out you couldn't control your thoughts or maybe your body?  Have you ever had a panic attack?  Do you ruminate over things on a regular basis?  Do you have a specific phobia or generalized anxiety?  I have tools that can help you.

  • Arolyn Burns, M.A. LMFT, LPCC

    Arolyn Burns, M.A. LMFT, LPCC is a Licensed Therapist with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University, licensed by the California Board of Behavioral Sciences. She has brick and mortar office in Newport Beach, CA. In addition, she does phone and online therapy. She has also been a guest speaker at UCLA, Pepperdine, Las Encinas Hospital, several International locations and a repeat expert guest on radio and television shows. She is a published poet.

    She was honored with the Cornelia Funke Award for Exceptional Social Work in 2014 while employed as a Children's Social Worker at LA County Children Services. She investigated child abuse for 7 of her 15 years, worked in the D-Rate Evaluator Bureau of Clinical Resources & Services High Risk Division assessing and evaluating children with Axis 1 diagnosis. She was promoted to Children’s Service Administrator in the Bureau of the Medical Director Child Welfare Mental Health Services Division where among other administrative tasks, she helped brainstorm in work groups within the Division to implement tasks outlined in the Katie A. Strategic Plan as well as process sensitive and sealed case access requests for Division staff and Supervise Interns for LCSW/LMFT state licensing exam.

    Arolyn has been working with trauma clients since 1996 and is an expert specializing in anxiety, phobias, trauma and chronic pain. Arolyn has been highly effective at helping professional athletes with the “Yips” get back in the game, make professional teams and even win Olympic medals.

    She is a level 3 Gottman style therapist, trained to help clients dealing with difficult relationships, painful breakups, infidelity, marital problems and divorce recovery.

    She is certified in EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Mediation and is a John Maxwell coach. She is also an Experienced Facilitator of Domestic Violence Groups.

    As a therapist since 1996 years, she has helped many clients find relief from trauma, reduce anxiety, find freedom from phobias such as driving, flying and even butterflies, reduce chronic pain and so much more. She loves to help clients find joy and improve their quality of life. She was blessed to be able to help those after Hurricane Katrina as well as Route 91 Vegas survivors. She has helped numerous First Responders in the City of Pasadena as well.

    Arolyn believes that psychotherapy is a collaborative effort and the most important part of therapy is the connection between you and your therapist. She believes the body needs to be balanced; body, mind, soul and Spirit as well as all 5 senses. She has been known to incorporate lights, colors, sounds and somatic experiences into her practice.

    Her counseling style is warm, empathic, direct, candid, genuine and you may find yourself laughing through tears. As a solution focused, cognitive behavioral, client-centered therapist, Arolyn offers tools, often gives homework, and provides empathic understanding. Her belief includes the philosophy that we all have the capacity for change in a safe accepting environment. She founded the A Treatment Center in Pasadena in 2002 with the goal of helping clients find their best selves and allow their lives to become Amazing! The CdM office was opened in 2017. She is thrilled to be able to help more people as her practice expands.

    Message from Arolyn:

    ​Developing a relationship that allows for healing is a gift I get to share with my client as we process their life experiences. I have been practicing since 1997, so I not only have a history of experience but since I love to learn, I am actively attending conferences and new trainings to help treat your concerns in the most up to date ways possible. I coach and mentor Interns as well as speak at conferences on a variety of subjects.

    Some of the modalities I use range from Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, Positive Psychology, and Hypnotherapy. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, LPCC Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and I have the training you are looking for combined with a passionate heart that cares about each of my clients. I am available for the long term, but my goal is to get you back to feeling "normal" as quickly as possible. When working with specific fears and phobias, most clients are done after just 3-5 sessions.

    ​Reduced Stress in the Workplace, allows for employee retention, reduces time off, and provides a happier work environment. I have provided trainings on Stress Management to Licensed Therapist's getting their CEU's, to Corporations, and to Staff and Patients in Hospitals. If you are interested, I offer EAP counseling as well as fun, educational, playful Stress Less trainings for you and your staff. Trainings range from 2 hours to 2 days. Feel free to email me for more information. I am also a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker, Trainer.

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