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    Have you ever had a bad day and needed someone to listen, help you process things or talk you off a ledge? Arolyn is a Psychotherapist whose passion is to help her clients recognize their value, realize their purpose and conquer their fears. She offers services ranging from Solution Focused, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Hypnosis, Mindfulness, EMDR & more.

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  • I love helping others grow.  Watching someone who came in with fears, leave with confidence.  Hearing someone who was crying, laugh.  Seeing someone who experienced a trauma, walk out transformed.  That's my passion!


    ​Developing a relationship that allows for healing is a gift I get to share with my client and we process their life experiences.  I have been practicing since 1997, so I not only have a history of experience but since I love to learn, I am actively attending conferences and new trainings to help treat your concerns in the most "up to date" way.  I coach and mentor Interns as well as speak at conferences on a variety of subjects. 

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    LPC54, MFC40173

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    Finding the right therapist, can be frustrating and time-consuming.  However, on the positive side, it also indicates a strong commitment to emotional health. Arolyn Burns LMFT, LPCC is ready to provide personalized, individual treatment for you virtually or in person in Newport Beach CA. 
    Arolyn’s philosophy is that anyone can learn tools to improve their quality of life. We all face challenges and she is willing to walk alongside her clients, encouraging, supporting and helping strengthen their skills. Arolyn is dedicated and works to provide each client with the best of care. Extended  scheduling for appointment times allows for more convenient treatment sessions. specialized services include:
    • Anxiety
    • Trauma
    • Chronic Pain
    • Phobias

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    Ones mental health is so important.  Having a Licensed therapist available to help you navigate the challenges in life is virtually mandatory in todays rapidly changing world. Arolyn's objective is to assist the client to feel confident and be successful in whatever situation they may encounter. She incorporates tools ranging from a solution focused perspective using an eclectic approach combining cognitive behavioral, existential therapy and a variety of other psychological theories in her practice.  Feel free to reach out for a Free 15 minute phone consultation go see if working with Arolyn is a good fit.  Call (833) 426-0303 and schedule an appointment with Arolyn Burns to get started today.  
    Arolyn is an  LPCC (Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor) as well as a 
    LMFT (Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist) who practices an eclectic, client-centered approach to Anxiety, Phobias, Trauma and Chronic Pain. She is certified in Hypnotherapy as well as EMDR.  Arolyn Burns has been helping clients since 1997. Arolyn has been guiding and assisting clients to increase self-confidence, heal trauma, grow emotionally and to make positive emotional progress. All treatments assist the clients to realize deeper satisfaction in their lives and personal relationships. She is trained to use a variety of approaches that are designed to assist with the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of the individual. Arolyn has a practice in person in Newport Beach, with coaching & hypnotherapy clients throughout the world. She is an author, speaker, coach, trainer, & therapist with treatment programs for individuals, groups, and organizations. 
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  • I was thrilled with my experience working with Arolyn. We did therapy, hypnotherapy, and EMDR. The impact and change these methods have had on my anxiety issues have been dramatic! I can't recommend Arolyn enough!

    Jami A.

  • My daughter is a high school cheerleader that had been working on a particular skill for well over a year. She knew she could do it, but when it came time to perform it, she would freeze and seemed to be having a terrible mental block and anxiety. I started researching sports psychologists and hypnotherapy and came across Arolyn. Within only 2 sessions, my daughter nailed the skill!! It was truly amazing and I can't recommend Arolyn enough. She has a very friendly and welcoming personality and we are thrilled with the results of her treatment!

    Kim O.

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  • The A Treatment Center denounces, condemns, and stands against all forms of hate speech, actions, or otherwise violent acts against those in Black, Asian American,  Pacific Islander (AAPI), Latino & All other communities. We believe All Humans have inherent value & deserve to feel safe, valued, significant, cared for & loved. 
    The recent acts of terrorism, as well as physical, and psychological trauma, have inflicted damage in ways that are inhumane and do not have a place in our community. The A Treatment Center stands for diversity, inclusion, & non-violence.